Her first visit to the dentist.

Today my 5 year old will be having her first visit to the dentist. I’m going to be honest here and just let you know that I’m scared. Going to see the dentist for the first time is a little nerve wracking for any child and parent the first time.  If you add in the risk of having a serious allergic reaction then it takes it waaaaay up a notch.  I’m honestly trying not to let my anxiety get to me but I want to keep my daughter safe while also making sure she gets the care she needs and has a good experience.

So this is the game plan.

1. Bring all the documentation I can about her allergies and asthma.

2. Make sure I inform everyone who I come into contact with of her food allergies and the severity.

3. Ask what protocols and safeguards are in place for people with severe allergies.


4.  If I dont feel like her condition is taken seriously or my concerns are brushed to the side. Cancel appointment and leave.


I don’t know how things will go but I’m going to try and be cautiously optimistic.